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Sreenidhi, father of Anirudh

Rank 04 Student, FIDE rating - 1250

"I believe Chezzles clearly has made a difference to my child. It has taught the child to respond and not react, helped him to take a calm and articulated approach which is quite evidently showing up in the academic performance. The most valuable lesson here has been to take the emotional roller coster ride caused by win and loss in right spirits, this I think is a lesson for life."

Abby, father of Nikhil

Rank 03 Student

“My son has grasped the game very well. He enjoys every time he goes for the classes and has improved his ability to think laterally. He has become more patient and thinks through things much more”

Lakshmikala, mother of Akash

Rank 02 Student

"My child Akash has been attending the chess classes conducted by Chezzles for the past one month.

I'm highly impressed with the role Chezzles has played in helping Akash think on strategic lines rather than merely respond on a move to move basis!"


Rank 05 Student, FIDE rating - 1259

I started playing chess at the age of 5 and I found it very interesting and it also helped me from a learning point of view. My logical reasoning skills have improved and it is shown in the various competitive exams i write. My grades have gone up academically as well, especially in maths. Chezzles has converted my interest into skill. I think their organised and systematic way of teaching has aided in the improvement of all its students.

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